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Why Should You Switch to Eco-Friendly Products?

We live in busy times, and as a result we live busy lives. When it comes to cleaning, we like quick, effective cleaning products. One trip to the supermarket and you're presented with rows and rows of colourful bottles, all screaming for your attention - and claiming to get the job done the best. More often than not, we just pick one up, take it home and use it - But have you ever thought about t...
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How do you stop spills in the workplace effectively?

Whether or not its chemicals, maintenance fluids, or oils, either spilt by accident or as a result of a leaking drum, quick and efficient cleaning procedure should always be the first and foremost thought, and should be carried out in a safe and secure manner. First of all, its important that you choose the correct spill kit for the purpose, as some are specifically designed for certain...
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Kitchen Cleaning and Hygiene Tips

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean and free from cross-contamination is essential for the health of both workers and customers. A poorly maintained work area and storage system can cost businesses dearly. Here we have written a small kitchen cleaning guide to maintaining floors and surfaces, and keeping fridges properly maintained. Kitchen Cleaning Tips After touching any food produce, e...
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