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Why should you switch to eco-friendly products?

We live in busy times, and as a result we live busy lives. When it comes to cleaning, we like quick, effective cleaning products. One trip to the supermarket and you're presented with rows and rows of colourful bottles, all screaming for your attention - and claiming to get the job done the best. More often than not, we just pick one up, take it home and use it - But have you ever thought about...
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Maintenance essentials for groundskeepers

If you are a groundskeeper yourself, then you know the importance of getting your tasks done as quickly and hassle free as possible. Some tasks can be made a heap easier if you have the right tools at your disposal. Here at Mammoth Cleaning Supplies, we have been supplying products for groundskeepers, cleaners and janitorial staff for over 20 years, helping them realise their goals and make th...
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Newsletter Signup – New GDPR Rules

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the European Union requires current email marketing subscribers to re-opt in to our mailing list. After 25th May 2018 we will only be able to contact you if you have confirmed that we can, even if you've said yes in the past you need to re-confirm. We would love you to say yes again to our weekly newsletter so that you can co...
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Special Clearance Bargains!

Take advantage of some fantastic savings on some of our stock clearance Nilco and Evans Vanodine cleaning chemicals. From Eco-friendly washing up liquids, to floor polish stripper and air fresheners - our discounted cleaning supplies offer fantastic value for money, with savings of up to 65% available! Still unsure? Here are a few of the products you can find in the clearance: ...
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pH Levels Explained

For commercial cleaning companies, it is vital that their team members understand the relevance and importance of the pH scale. This determines the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, and applies across a range of liquids, from water to battery acid! Obviously battery acid isn't going to be a great product to use for cleaning, but it helps us to put into perspective the range of this slid...
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Critical Care in the Workplace

In recent years, the prominence of public critical care defibrillators has seen a tremendous rise. Traditionally a life saving device for first aid responders and hospital staff, they have always been more of a specialist item aimed at medical professionals than a product aimed at the end consumer. There are many reasons as to why this has become more commonplace. One reason is that the aging...
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Infection Control – Correct Cleaning Routines

The importance of infection control When cleaning in both the home and the workplace, there are a number of things which could impact the effectiveness of removing bacteria and germs from surfaces. Some are simple to recognise, but others may not be so obvious! This article should help you with effective infection control, to make the most of your cleaning and janitorial supplies effectively an...
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Janitorial Trolleys for Effective Cleaning

Janitorial Trolleys for Effective Cleaning For janitorial staff and cleaners, a trolley is an essential item which offers a number of practical uses, with hoops for hanging bin liners or laundry sacks from, and shelving to allow the easy transportation of janitorial supplies around school buildings, factories, hotels and offices. We stock several types of service trolleys including Produc...
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Floor Mopping Systems

Our range of floor mops come either as fully fledged starter kits, or available to purchase as individual parts for easy replacement once heads and frames have worn out. We have a variety of telescopic steel handles with different width head frames to accommodate cleaning in smaller areas, available with replaceable cotton and synthetic heads. Choosing the correct head depends on the surface you’r...
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