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Why Should You Switch to Eco-Friendly Products?

We live in busy times, and as a result we live busy lives. When it comes to cleaning, we like quick, effective cleaning products. One trip to the supermarket and you’re presented with rows and rows of colourful bottles, all screaming for your attention – and claiming to get the job done the best.

More often than not, we just pick one up, take it home and use it – But have you ever thought about the environmental impact, or potential health risks? Current legislation allows companies to market these products without stating exactly what ingredients are used. They can however be obtained by looking at the COSSH sheet for the product, however these are not always readily available.

For the most part, these “ingredients” are a combination of abrasive, harsh chemicals that can damage eyes, airways and skin. In addition to being damaging to your health, they can also damage the environment when disposed of, affecting flora and fauna, animals and waterways.

Making the switch to eco products is a great way of lessening this environmental impact, and also reducing the potential for health risks emerging from their use. Here are five tips we’ve compiled as to why it pays to go green.

1. Healthier workplace environment

By switching to greener, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, you can help protect yourself and others around you from the absorption of products through the airways and the skin, and also protect those around you. If you work or live with somebody who has a condition such as asthma, then green products will be of great benefit to them.

2. Cleaner, purer environment

As mentioned above, using regular cleaning chemicals can cause trouble for wildlife and the environment, so by using eco products which contain only natural ingredients you will help lessen this impact – especially when it comes to using an alternative to aerosol-based products which have been proven to damage the planets Ozone layer.

3. Better company profile

If you run a cleaning business, making a point of using eco-friendly products could actually generate more work as a result. This day and age most people are aware of the negative impact surrounding the use of aerosols and chemicals, so having a greener, eco-friendly cleaning team come in also helps improve their workplace environment, and also improves their image in turn for caring towards the environment.

4. Healthier workplace

Improving the air quality and ensuring less harmful airborne particulates in the workplace can actually have a positive impact on absenteeism. Asthma is one of the more widespread chronic diseases which affect people – but by switching to green you lower the risk of agitating these conditions, reducing time spent off ill by employees.

5. Peace of mind

Once you’ve switched to eco products, there is no more worry about the kind of chemicals you are using. You’ll feel enriched for it, knowing your actions are not only confined to the effective cleaning, but also the improvement to health and air quality, and lessened environmental impact.

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today and discover the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products for you and your workplace!