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Spring Cleaning: 8 Essential Tips


Spring is almost here, so the dreaded spectre of the spring clean is looming. It needn’t be a nightmare though – we’ve compiled eight brilliant cleaning tips for you to clean your home or office effectively, and cut some corners where you can so you can get back to enjoying your long weekend 😉

1. Preparation is key

Cleaning can be a daunting task, so putting some groundwork in to get yourself ready and motivated is a great first step. Write in your calendar, stick a reminder on your phone – and put off those social plans (and put down those social media apps!!!). Scheduling time to do this gives you incentive. Work from the top of your home to the bottom, tackling the rooms in a logical order, and tackle the larger tasks first – they’re always the worst ones, but once they’re done the remaining tasks will be a breeze! Give yourself some motivation, stick the radio on, and do your best Mrs Doubtfire, try to take the monotony out of the tasks, and you’ll barely realise you’re doing them as you autopilot through your checklist!


2. Don’t neglect those forgotten areas

Its all well and good cleaning the carpets, sofa and kitchen tops – but don’t forget those hidden areas! Your impressive CD and DVD collections? Pull them out and dust them off, including the shelf they’re on! Move any furniture and get in those spaces where it normally sits – you’ll be surprised how much stuff gets kicked under sofas and chairs! Make sure to get above any units, and reach those awkward top corners of each room – need a hand? then use an extendable cobweb brush to ensure you leave no stone unturned in your home.


3. Clear your corners

When tackling the vacuuming, the best way of achieving a uniform clean is to begin from the corners. Always start in the furthest corner, working your way over to the door of the room – using slow back and forth motions to ensure maximum coverage, slightly overlapping each motion as you go. This technique will ensure efficient coverage and you should end up by the door – ready to tackle the next room!


4. Wait for the perfect weather to clean windows

Are you waiting for a sunny day to tackle your windows? STOP RIGHT THERE. The best time to clean windows is actually when it is Overcast – why is this? Because direct sunlight on glass will make the surface of the window hot, and this will actually dry your window cleaning solution out as you’re working, rendering it ineffective and causing your windows to get even worse! So the golden rule is this – wait for moderately rubbish weather before tackling those windows!


5. Exorcise that waste disposal

Your kitchens waste disposal system can over time begin to get a build up of unwanted smells whenever it is used over time, and this is usually not very pleasant for a kitchen! Keeping this clean is a simple enough job however. If you simply drop in a cut up lemon, with a couple of ice cubes and a few pinches of salt – this will deodorise and clean away any stinky residues, leaving your disposal unit smelling nice and fresh!


6. Picking the right broom

Using the wrong type of broom for the wrong job can cause you to struggle with your floor cleaning routine, so its always important to make sure that the broom you plan to use is well suited to the type of surface you’re intending to cover. For indoor use, a broom with finer bristles will be king, as this will easily allow it to pick up smaller dust particles. For outdoors usage, always go for the sturdier, stiff bristled brooms. These are perfect for more porous surfaces, as well as being excellent at lifting more stubborn soilage from surfaces such as decking and concrete.


7. Revitalise your stainless steel surfaces

Stainless steel gives a really smart, professional and clinical look to any kitchen, whether its your personal one at home, or part of a commercial operation. Over time and without the correct maintenance, these surfaces can lose their lustre, looking worn and dull. To get the brilliant shine back in your work tops and cookers, simply try applying a light misting of a wax based aerosol, or specialised stainless steel cleaning product. 

8. Keep your shower doors crystal clear

Bathrooms are always a constant when it comes to cleaning – discarded clothing, floor strewn towels, moisture leaving streaks everywhere – its the same in every home. You can do some work to at least tackle the streaking and build up of soap scum on the glass of your shower! When you’ve finished cleaning them down – treat them with car windshield water repellent! This invisible barrier will bead water off the surface, minimising the appearance of streaks and marks!

So that’s a wrap for our handy seasonal cleaning guide! do you have any exciting tips to share? Leave a reply in the comments below, or join in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter!