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Critical Care in the Workplace

critical care
In recent years, the prominence of public critical care defibrillators has seen a tremendous rise. Traditionally a life saving device for first aid responders and hospital staff, they have always been more of a specialist item aimed at medical professionals than a product aimed at the end consumer.

There are many reasons as to why this has become more commonplace. One reason is that the aging population has increased, so there is always a necessity for on the spot critical care, but at times a simple first aid kit may not be enough. Rural areas which are far away from their nearest first response unit or hospital are also a good case to prove the importance of having more than a regular first aid kit available.

A modern portable defibrillator can be installed in a number of places where it can be easily reached in the case of an emergency, and they have been designed to be used by anybody who has minimal training, with clear instructions which talk the person using it through the various steps, and can even detect if and when CPR is in need of being administered.

One of the most versatile products on the market is the Steroplast iPAD (Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator). Steroplast have worked in tandem with the British Heart Foundation to ensure a three year plan which will get these life saving critical care devices distributed across the country.


The iPAD SP1 is suitable for a number of applications, from doctors surgeries and dentists, to shopping centers and other high traffic public places where critical emergency care could potentially save a life.

Key features of the iPAD SP1:

  • Can be easily switched between modes for adults and children without the need to change the electrode pads. Although smaller childrens electrode pads are available.
  • The safety cover ensures that the unit is not accidentally activated.
  • Integrated storage for the electrode pads, inside a clear compartment on the underside of the unit.
  • Pads are easily accessed with a pull of the white side tab.
  • Pads are always ready, and can be quickly spot checked.
  • Smart CPR detection determines if CPR is being performed at the correct time.
  • In the event of the CPR being administered, the machine can prompt the user when to perform CPR.
  • Visual display has vital information such as unit and pad status, and battery life.

The internal memory of the unit displays the last five events, or last three hours of data. This can then be transferred via the built in SD card and IrDA ports. This data can then be reviewed in the CU-EX1 software for PC.

i’ Button functions:

  • Allows responders to select if the metronome is heard during CPR.
  • Checks and detects faults and errors.
  • Outputs handover information, designed to tell Ambulance crews the usage time and shocks delivered.
  • The SP1 can be programmed with CPR protocols, such as compression rate and number of compressions, breaths and cycles – ensuring the SP1 is always up to date with the latest information.
  • Downloads all data for reviewing purposes.
  • Checks the units software versions.

In addition to the features of this excellent critical emergency product, the SP1 also comes with a free carry case, and a seven year warranty on the unit itself. To find out more about the Steroplast iPAD SP1, please visit our online store.