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How do you stop spills in the workplace effectively?

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Whether or not its chemicals, maintenance fluids, or oils, either spilt by accident or as a result of a leaking drum, quick and efficient cleaning procedure should always be the first and foremost thought, and should be carried out in a safe and secure manner.

First of all, its important that you choose the correct spill kit for the purpose, as some are specifically designed for certain chemicals or oils, and also cater for different capacities of leakage.It is important to take into consideration that the chemical may have the potential to cause damage to you if it were to come into contact with skin, so always ensure that you wear the appropriate safety equipment.

Once you have safety equipment on, and selected the correct kit for purpose, the first thing you should do is to identify the source of the leak or spillage, and stop that if this is the case. It also may be wise to have others evacuated from the immediate vicinity for the spill site.

The next task is to stop the spill from spreading further. This can be achieved by laying absorbent socks around the edge of the spill itself, and absorbent cushions may also be used if gaps remain. This should then stop the fluid from spreading any further. If any drains are in proximity to the spill, it may be worth considering covering those up also.

With the perimeter secured, the next step would be to deal with the spill itself. Your kit should contain a number of absorbent mats. Place these down carefully over the spill, from the centre outwards, and allow them ample time to soak up the fluid. Place any used absorbent’s in the provided waste bags, and store in the spill kit bag or bin provided.

Providing you follow these simple steps, you should keep damage to a minimum. We stock a wide variety of spill kits for all your cleaning needs.

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